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Education Minister Shrestha insists on additional budget to enhance education sector

Kathmandu, July 5: Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Sumana Shrestha, has insisted on an increase in budget allocation to the education sector to enhance its quality and making it free for all.

In her response to queries raised during the deliberations on the Appropriation Bill, 2081 BS in a session of the National Assembly today, the Minister urged the government to consider the management of an additional budget for the education sector.

She apprised the House that the ‘Teachers Transfer Guidelines- 2081 BS’ was issued to promote quality of the education, keeping it free from political interference.

The teaching profession is about responsibility and teachers are expected to dedicate their time to the learning of students, making it fruitful, according to the Minister. “That’s why teachers shall not be given the responsibility of any political parties,” she said, hoping for support from all political parties to materialize this concept.

She proposed to prepare a dedicated ‘portal’ for teachers to integrate data of teachers. As she said, such ‘portal’ would help make the teachers’ transfer transparent and scientific.

She shared about the government’s plan to train 1,000 students under the ‘learning with friends’ programme and deploy them to each local level.

The Minister made it clear before the House that monitoring has begun to take updates about the registration and renewal of educational consultancies and foreign university-affiliated colleges. Such monitoring was missing in the past, she added.

She informed the House about the initiation of a process to restructure the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training, adding that the implementation of ‘learning with earning’ needs no additional budget. RSS

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