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Eight Tanahu youths allegedly joining Russian Army out of contact

Russian invasion of Ukraine
Latest Russian position on Ukraine on March 14, 2022 (Photo: AFP)

Tanahu, March 11: Eight individuals from Tanahu, who reportedly traveled abroad on visit visas and were recruited into the Russian Army, have lost contact with their families.

Among them, three are from Byas Municipality, one from Devghat Municipality, two from Bhanu Municipality, one from Shuklagandaki, and one from Myagde Rural Municipality. Of them, one has reportedly joined the Ukrainian forces.

The families of these individuals have reached out to the Safer Migration (SaMi) Program Tanahu, seeking assistance in locating their loved ones. Luna Rana, the coordinator of the SaMi Tanahu program, said the youth from Myagde Rural Municipality is suspected to have joined the Ukrainian forces.

The organization has initiated communication through the diplomatic channel in Russia to determine the whereabouts of these eight people.

Participation in the Russian and Ukrainian forces by Nepali citizens is not sanctioned by law, making the search operation inherently difficult. The families have been without contact with their relatives for the past two to three months, it is said. #Nepal

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