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Environment Minister Sudi stresses on import substitution of flowers

Kathmandu, March 29: Minister for Forests and Environment Nawal Kishor Sah Sudi has stressed on import substitution of flowers and promoting their export.

Inaugurating the horticulture exhibition organized by the Nursery Association Nepal (NAN) at local Bhrikutimandap today, he emphasized on increasing flower export.

The Minister opined that there is high potential for production of herbs and horticultural products in Nepal and the inter-agency coordination among all the bodies was required for tapping this potential.

“Thousands of people can be employed within the country through the promotion of horticulture. We should be able to stop the exodus of youths to foreign countries, raising hopes that employment is possible at home,” he said. Minister Sudi also said that the forest land can be provided for promoting horticulture.

The exhibition event is targeted at those who are interested in the nursery business, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of flowers as well as researchers in horticulture.

Expo’s coordinator Ramji Kunwar said that they have considered the upcoming expo as an integrated ‘Maha Kumba’ (large assembly) of the nursery sector. The expo will display commercial nursery products based on flowers, fruits, forests and herbs.

“Over 700 species of plants from various flower nurseries, fruit nurseries, agriculture, forest nurseries and herbs nurseries will be showcased in the expo for exhibition, sales and distribution,” coordinator Kunwar said. He added that the expo would also features fertilizers, organic and chemical pesticides, seedlings, equipments and agricultural equipments and technologies.

There will be altogether 90 stalls including 74 commercial ones, according to him. The organizers are expecting footfall of over 50,000 visitors and transaction worth Rs 10 million.

The entry fee for the general public is Rs 100 while students and senior citizens would be charged Rs 50, the organizers said. The expo is expected to enhance advocacy on the welfare of the nursery entrepreneurs spread across the country and enhance their professional capacities through development and expansion of nursery business and contribute in job creation.

During the expo that will run until Sunday, various competitions would be held among the nursery entrepreneurs and they would be rewarded with cash and certificates to motivate them, it was shared.

Services related to horticulture would be provided during the expo which is promoted by the Floriculture Development Centre, Department of Botany, Plant Quarantine and Pesticide Management Centre and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development Centre, the organizers said. #Nepal

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