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Ex-finance ministers Paudel, Sharma demand revising priorities of Appropriation Bill

Bishnu Prasad Paudel

Kathmandu, March 14: Vice Chairman of CPN (UML) and former Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Paudel, has urged the government that it rewrote the principles and priorities of Appropriation Bill. He reasoned that present principles and priorities of the bill cannot direct nation’s economy to socialism and prosperity.

Paudel said it while participating in the parliament deliberation on the appropriation bill’s principles and priorities set for the coming fiscal year. National economy must be lifted from slump, he underlined.

Similarly, CPN (Maoist Centre) leader and former Finance Minister Janardan Sharma demanded revision on the bill so that the budget would be oriented to prepare base for socialism.

Moreover, RSP Vice Chair Swarnim Wagle viewed clear priorities of development should be reflected in the forthcoming budget. He blamed that the priorities of appropriation bill were scattered, so they must be concentrated on how SDGs could be achieved.

Also essential is the courage and commitment for industrialization and green economy, according to him.

Dr Wagle has urged the government to determine clear priorities of development based on the objective ground when coming up with the budget for the new financial year.

Speaking at today’s meeting of the House of Representatives during discussion on the principles and priorities of the appropriation bill for the next fiscal year, Dr Wagle said proposal put forth by the government has scattered priorities and lacks a clear vision of development. He said that a clear destination for nation building should be formulated along with sustainable development goals.

Calling for re-industrialization and green economy, he stressed that courage and determination was needed to improve the economy. #Nepal

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