•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Foreign Employment Board software still not functional

Kathmandu, Feb 16: The software of the Foreign Employment Board has not still become operational. The software the Board uses in providing economic assistance to the workers killed or incapacitated in course of foreign employment and to their families had encountered some problem since some days.

Board spokesperson and information officer Tikaram Dhakal said problems have been faced in carrying out the related works due to problem with the software. “The problem in the software is because of the memory becoming overloaded with the uploaded documents along with the entire data. The technicians are working to fix the problem. The memory is full of data and documents from 15 years,” he said.

According to him, although they are accepting applications offline, they have not been able to make the payments as it is done through the software. He added that the Board has been carrying out emergency works including related to rescue offline by sending letters, even though the software is not working.

The Board states that some problem is seen in its fewims.feb.gov.np software since some days and it will take few more days to operate it. #Nepal

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