•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Foundation distributes allowance to needy people at refugee camps

Biratnagar, April 4: Senior citizens, disabled and helpless people residing at refugee camp in Beldangi of Jhapa and Pathari of Morang have been provided with sustenance allowance.

An organisation, Intra-National Welfare and Support Foundation of America, provided Rs 5,000 allowance and nutritious food each to 157 senior citizens, the differently-able and helpless people of Beldangi camp and to 57 such people at Pathari camp.

Foundation Chair Dilli Adhikari distributed the allowance and nutritious food on Wednesday. Chair Adhikari has been providing such amount of allowance monthly to senior citizens, the disabled and helpless people of refugee camps since long.

The organisation has been running this programme continuously since long at the permission of the government with the objective of helping such people who have been living a difficult life in refugee camps.

On the occasion, Chair Adhikari urged the government to think seriously about repatriation of Nepali language speaking people, evicted from Bhutan and currently living in the refugee camps, to their country, their resettlement to third country or providing them with opportunity to live as a Nepali citizen. RSS #nepal

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