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Furious Binod Chaudhary lambasts people with political stunt

Nepali Congress MP Binod Chaudhary

Kathmandu, March 21: The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has recorded statement of Nepali Congress lawmaker Binod Chaudhary in connection with the misappropriation of land plot belonging to the Bansbari Leather and Shoe Factory.

CIB took statement from Chaudhary today after informing Speaker Devraj Ghimire, through the Parliament Secretariat, that it has initiated investigations against lawmaker Chaudhary on suspicion of his involvement in the misappropriation of the government land.

CIB Chief Shyam Lal Gyawali said the Chaudhary’s statement is being recorded at the District Government Attorney’s Office.

Additional Inspector General of Police Gyawali said Chaudhary’s statement is being recorded directly without arresting him as there is no circumstance of his absconding and destroying evidences.

Meanwhile, Chaudhary has said that the government has politicized entrepreneurs and investors. He accused the government of politicizing enterprises, entrepreneurs and taxpayers after appearing in the public prosecutor’s office and giving a statement on Thursday after the government land embezzlement case of the Bansbari leather shoe factory.

He said that the state is doing politics even on people like him and that the state should keep an eye on what message the Nepali youth, entrepreneurs, employers and taxpayers in Nepal and all over the world invest in.

Chaudhary’s Statement 

Yesterday, I was in the parliament and received a secret letter addressing to me. While in the parliament, within three minutes, the letter informing about the investigation was published in all the media all over the country. I made my briefs at the party meeting as soon as the matter was brought up. As soon as the  investigation started, I stood in parliament podium and put my words as a member of the elected House of Representatives in the most important forum that makes the country’s policy, construction, laws and even the government.

I was verbally informed to come here, I am a responsible person, a responsible politician. I thought it was my duty to obey the law of the nation.

Since 45 years I have been engaged as an entrepreneur, I don’t need to explain my certificate of character to stunt people. After my journey of 45 years, I don’t need to submit my certificate of character to anyone, especially to those who do political stunts.  Again, the private sector, entrepreneurs, and investors should be kept clean from these types of activities, politics has its own forums, its own methods, I am also a directly elected member of parliament from Nawalparasi West. I have never connected these two things (politics and business) and will not do so in the future. Previously, the land price in remote Bansbari area was very cheap before 42 years. 

In my 45-year long development campaign, I have done the politics of development as an entrepreneur. I also lead Federation of Nepali Chamber of Commerce and Industry, served as President of the Confederation of Nepal Industry. I always thought on bringing new dynamism and innovation in Nepali industrial sector. 

But today, in this issue, it was clearly seen that politicizing, politicizing, politicizing an enterprise, politicizing an entrepreneur,  politicizing investors and taxpayers. 

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