•      Mon Jul 22 2024

Gagan Thapa advises PM Dahal to quit from post

Biratnagar, July 4: General Secretary of the Nepali Congress, Gagan Kumar Thapa, has advised Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to step down and pave the way for forming a new government.

Talking to the media in Biratnagar today, the leader said it would be appropriate for the Prime Minister to resign from the post and pave the way for forming the new government when the government’s major coalition partner has already withdrawn its support and left the government.

Claiming the Nepali Congress’ significant contribution to the establishment of a federal democratic republic system, the lawmaker spoke of the need for a constitutional amendment.

The NC is committed to making it happen through the all-sides participation, he added.

“An amendment to the constitution seems essential to have political stability,” he said, adding that the two largest parties in the parliament – the NC and the CPN (UML) – are progressing towards the formation of a national consensus government in a special situation. #nepal

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