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Gandaki province gov. intensifies infrastructure development

Gandaki Chief Minister Surendra Pandey, 2023.
Gandaki Chief Minister Surendra Pandey, 2023. (file)

Pokhara, Dec 25: The Gandaki province government has intensified the construction of physical infrastructures, including road and bridge.

According to the Infrastructure Development Office, Baglung, Nepal, lately the construction of newly-designed and old infrastructure projects was gradually gaining momentum.

Office Chief Dinesh Kumar Ghimire said the projects that were already contracted out and new projects have entered into implementation.

He mentioned that the office had returned the construction company to resume the works for problematic projects. He informed that the work of old multi-year road project has progressed.

He said that contracts for more than half projects worth Rs 3 million to Rs 20 million were signed.

The office has a total budget of Rs. 880 million for the current fiscal year. A total of 65 projects, both new and old, are scheduled to be implemented through the office. According to the office chief Ghimire, the detailed project reports of two roads and two road bridges to be constructed in the current fiscal year are being developed. The progress of multi-year road and bridge construction was sluggish lately.

Ghimire said the contractor company that remained reluctant was taken back to work after the progress was stopped.

The contractor companies have readied for resuming stalled construction works after preparation for terminating the contractors and blacklisting the dysfunctional companies.

The office had placed six road projects as problematic. The budget has been approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs on the recommendation of the Ministry of Physical Affairs for the multi-year contract of two roads and two road bridges. An additional Rs 210 million budget has been sought to complete the old multi-year schemes this year.

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