•      Sat Jul 20 2024

Gas and fertilizer from solid waste in Birendranagar

Surkhet, Jan 4: Solid waste has been used to produce gas and organic fertilizer in Birendranagar of Surkhet.

This is the first of its kind in Karnali, which is being carried with personal investment. Krishna Prasad Dhakal, a youth from Birendranagar municipality-11 has started converting solid waste into gas and fertilizer.

For the purpose, Dhakal has set up a gas plant using German technology with an investment of Rs 140 million. Of the amount, 50 million has been supported by the World Bank.

Currently, garbage from vegetable market and shops are now being collected. Dhakal plans to collect the solid waste from every household in the municipality.

The gas industry plant is currently producing 720 quintals of gas and nine tons of organic fertilizer every day. Gas produced from the plant can be used for cooking as well as for running gas-run vehicles, Dhakal said.

Currently, 19 people have been directly employed in the industry that sells gas at Rs 140 kg per kg and fertilizer at Rs 25 per kg. #Nepal

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