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Government effortful to solve problems seen in cooperatives: Home Minister Lamichhane

Chitwan, March 24: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Rabi Lamichhane has said that the government is effortful to solve the problems surfaced in the cooperatives across the country.

Talking to journalists here today, Minister Lamichhane said that the government has tried to solve the problem through dialogue with the cooperative victims. He said, “There has been an agreement between the government negotiation team and the cooperative victims. Agreement comes into effect soon.”

He said that the savings of the depositors will be returned even if by adjusting from the property of those who embezzled the cooperative’s money.

The Home Minister said that the government has mobilized its full power to arrest G.B. Rai, who is absconding after misappropriating the cooperative’s money.

Lamichhane expressed his belief that Rai will be arrested soon, saying that investigation and study conducted by the government should not be made public beforehand. He said that the results of the work done by the government will come in full swing.

“The government will do what the law says. The prime minister’s directive is that the innocent should not be caught. That’s how it works.” Minister Lamichhane said that even if there are some complications in the process, we will work to get results.

Speaking in a different context, he said that the government will work for the presence of the State for the Chepang community, the deprived community living in Chitwan district. He said that he is going to work within the budget this year through discussions with experts and concerned representatives to address the issues of marginalized Chepang community. rss #nepal

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