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Government working actively to prepare a robust foundation of prosperity: PM Dahal

Prime MInister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda (PMO photo)

Chitwan, March 1: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the government was working actively to prepare a robust foundation of prosperity so that challenges facing national economy could be addressed deftly.

Inaugurating the ‘Bharatpur Visit Year, 2024’ launched amidst a programme here today, PM Dahal viewed good governance, social justice and prosperity were prioritized to pay heed to economic targets.

“In the last 14 months, government has set the achievement standards that are visible to country and the world,” PM Dahal claimed, adding, “Activities in the front of corruption control, economic reform, implementation of federalism, social justice, and service delivery are significant achievements.”

The PM reminded that sustainable development with economic prosperity warrants national consensus. Collective presence of national political dignitaries gives a positive message to the country and world, he argued.

According to him, tourism sector contributes 6.7 percent to gross domestic product in Nepal, while it creates 6.9 percent jobs. He shared that he had got the information of arrival of 190 thousand tourists in Chitwan in 2023.

He hoped the Visit Year will turn a milestone. It will promote more than 50 tourist destinations in Chitwan, which, he argued, would prop up quality stride in Chitwan tourism.

Prominent guests used to hunt in the Chitwan forest, PM Dahal reminded, adding that jungle safari is equally captivating to tourists. “These are strong reminders that the Visit Year, 2024′ will be successful to achieve its goals.

Moreover, the Head of the Government claimed that Bharatpur Metropolitan City remained a role model in the last seven year. There is huge difference between the Bharatpur a decade back and the present.

The completed and the ongoing infrastructure projects including Narayani sea beach, city hall, and Gautam Buddha international cricket stadium have pivotal role to country’s economy and development.

“Bharatpur is prosperous and rich in diverse nature, thereby standing atop the list of local governments. There are numerous areas as agriculture, cooperation, industry and tourism to unlock development potentials.” PM Dahal further informed that there are 22 manmade tourist destinations in addition natural spots to attract visitors.

He heartily praised the Bharatpur Metropolis’ initiative to launch the Tourism Year so that the economic slid back with COVID-19 would revive and help boost people’s life. There will be massive publicity of religious and natural heritages of Chitwan in the national and international levels with the yearlong campaign. ‘Bharatpur Visit Year, 2024’ is a historic feat to promote tourism, PM Dahal commented. #Nepal

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