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Govt to provide Rs one million to Jay Singh Dhami’s family in relief

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KATHMANDU: The government has decided to provide Rs one million as relief support to the family of Jay Singh Dhami, who has gone missing in the Mahakali River while crossing the river in Darchula via tuin, a wire bridge.

Government Spokesperson and Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Gyanendra Bahadur Karki, shared this information while briefing media about the decision of the meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Thursday.

The Cabinet has allowed for the clinical trial of the vaccines for SARS-COV2, mrNA and cholera.

The government nominated Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission, Dr Bishwonath Poudel, to attend the virtual review meeting of the UN High-Level Asia-Pacific Region of LDCs.

Similarly, a chairman and members of the committee formed to compensate the land and structures acquired within 18 meters of the transmission line under the 132 KV transmission project covering Mainahiya-Sampattiya and Burtibang Paudi-Amarai Tamghas Sandhikharka. The projects are undertaken by Nepal Electricity Authority.

Dr Shambhu Prasad Acharya from Kapilvastu would be nominated from Nepal in the post of Regional Director of WHO for South East Asia.

Similarly, the Cabinet decided to appoint Dr Pushpa Raman Wagle and Shaloni Pradhan Singh as the members of the National Planning Commission and former chief judge Jageshor Subedi as Chairman of Nepal Law Commission.

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