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Govt. working to bring backs Nepalis caught in Russia-Ukraine conflict: NP Saud

Minister for Foreign Affairs NP Saud, 2023.

Butwal, March 3: Minister for Foreign Affairs Narayan Prakash Saud has said that the government is making every possible effort to bring back the Nepali nationals who have joined the Russian army.

Speaking at the 65th Annual General Meeting of Siddhartha Chamber of Commerce and Industry here on Saturday, Minister Saud said that he is in constant touch with Russia at the diplomatic level to bring back the Nepalis trapped in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “We have mobilized the International Red Cross and I am constantly talking with the United Nations,” he said.

He shared that 244 complaints have been received to bring back Nepali nationals from Russia. The Foreign Minister also said that efforts are being made to provide compensation to the dependent families of the Nepalis who were killed in the conflict.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister also urged all concerned to not join the army of any foreign country without the approval of the government.#Nepal

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