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Handicraft fair makes transaction of Rs 20 million

Handicraft fair

Kathmandu, Dec 19: The handicraft fair that ran from December 14 to 18 in the federal capital made transaction of Rs 2o million.

Information to this was shared by the Nepal Handicrafts Federation.

The fair was organized to promote international market of Nepali handicrafts. The fair had the participation of province, district handicrafts association, and commodity associations with various products including jewelry, cotton cloths, pashmina, leather products, natural fibres, and bamboo items.

There were nearly 120 sales stalls in the event which also aimed at fostering commercial relations between the national entrepreneurs and importers of handicrafts.

The fair gathered the entrepreneurs, handicrafts importers and consumers together.

On the occasion, Minister for Industry at Bagmati Province, Ram Krishna Chitrakar, viewed the handwork products have contributed well to national economy and earn foreign currency as well.

As it helps develop entrepreneurship and creates jobs, it must be protected and expanded, he underscored. The Federation shared that Nepal is exporting handicrafts to over 60 countries.

Total market of the handicrafts is worth Rs 24 billion, while nearly 1.1 million people are involved in this sector. Nepal is exporting handicrafts of Rs 12 billion in a year.

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