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Himalaya Airlines becomes the first Registered IOSA Operator in Nepal

Kathmandu, Jan 9: Himalaya Airlines, a leading international carrier of Nepal has paved the way for elevating the safety standards in Nepal’s Aviation sector by becoming the country’s first and the only IOSA Registered Operator.

The Airlines received its milestone achievement with the issuance of IOSA certification by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) on December 28, 2023with the validity until March 03, 2025.

The certificate reads “Himalaya Airlines Pvt. Ltd. has been successfully registered as an IOSA Operator under the IATA Operational Safety Audit program (IOSA), in accordance with the provisions of the IOSA Program Manual.”

The IOSA certification for Himalaya Airlines confirms that Himalaya Airlines adheres to the highest safety standards and best practices, providing passengers with a secure and reliable travel experience.

As the first and only IOSA certified airline in Nepal, Himalaya Airlines gains international recognition for its commitment to safety. The rigorous IOSA audit process also evaluates and enhances various aspects of H9’s operations, leading to certifiable efficiency, risk management, and overall performance.

Addressing the media, Mr. Vijay Shrestha, Vice President of Himalaya Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This milestone signifies a positive shift in Nepal’s aviation industry. We are proud to lead by example, setting new benchmarks for safety and operational excellency. This certification not only validates our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest safety standards but also positions us as a trusted airline in the global aviation community. We look forward to continuing to raise the bar in the years to come.”

Deputy Director General of Aviation Safety & Security Regulation Directorate Ms. Nabina Karmacharya remarked,” On behalf of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, I commend Himalaya Airlines for their exceptional dedication to safety leading to the prestigious IOSA certification. This accomplishment of Himalaya has definitely helped in reinforcing trust and confidence amongst the passengers, contributing significantly towards the growth and development of air travel in the country.”

The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is a globally recognized and standardized audit program for airlines developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline with the primary goal of enhancing operational safety and promoting a common safety standard within the aviation industry.

This process involves an audit of an airline’s policies, procedures, and practices. It includes both document reviews and on-site assessments. After successful completion of Audit and compliance of all findings IOSA certification is provided to airlines. IOSA registration is thus seen as a mark of safety excellence, and is also the prerequisite for IATA membership.

About Himalaya Airlines Pvt. Ltd.

Himalaya Airlines (H9) is a Nepal-China joint venture International Airlines, established in 2014 with two complimenting objectives: to promote people-to-people contact between Nepal and other countries, as well as to boost Nepal’s trade and tourism industries.

The joint venture alliance is between Tibetan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Company Ltd. (TCADIC) and Yeti World Investment Pvt. Ltd.

H9 young fleet consists of total 4 aircraft: three Airbus 320-214 (180 all-economy seats) and one Airbus 319-115 (144 all economy seats). H9 is currently operating passenger flights to prominent countries of Middle East & South Asia: UAE, Malaysia, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bangladesh & China sectors. Currently Himalaya is flying to five cities in The People’s Republic of China; Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Chongqing and Lhasa.

H9 received an international award for being the “Leading New International Airlines in South Asia” in its very first year of operation at the South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) 2017. In 2020, it received its first ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification showing its competence in aircraft maintenance and engineering services.

On December 29, 2021, H9 became the first airline in Nepal to achieve ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification for “Providing Air Transport for Travelling Passengers and Freight, including Aviation Related Training Services”. The certification highlights H9’s commitment to quality and its dedication to high performance work practices.

Starting September 2021, H9 introduced Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), a life-saving device onboard all its fleet. With this, H9 stands to be the first ever and the only Nepalese airlines to carry AEDs onboard. With the aim to excel in safety, On Time Performance (OTP) and most primarily, in service to its customers, H9 has established itself as a trusted airline of choice and aspires to rise as a leading airline in South Asia.

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