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Holi festival begins formally in Mithilanchal

Holi in Inaruwa, Sunsari.

Mahottari, March 18: The Holi festival has formally started in the Mithila region from today.

Holi begins officially in the region with Lord Ram and Mata Janaki symbolically playing Holi in Kanchanavan of Bhangaha Municipality-9.

Holi officially starts in the Mithila region after sadhus, saints and Mahatmas paint the idols of Lord Ram and Mother Sita red, as part of the 15-day Madhyamik Parikrama at Kanchanavan of Mahottari.

All the pilgrims of the Madhyamil Praikrama including monks, saints and mahatmas who arrived at Bhangaha Municipality-9 Kanchanavan on the seventh day painted the idols of Lord Ram and Mother Sita this morning with red colour.

With the start of Holi festival now Holi songs will be sung, satirical poems recited and plays will be shown, especially during the evenings in villages across the region.#Nepal

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