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House forced to see PM’s proposal for vote of confidence thrice: Sharma

Biswhoprakash Sharma

Kathmandu, March 13: Nepali Congress (NC) general secretary Bishwa Prakash Sharma has stressed that the citizens’ issues should be prioritised in the parliament over the dominance of political voices of the ruling and opposition parties.

During discussions on a proposal presented by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ seeking a vote of confidence from the House of Representatives (HoR) on Wednesday, Sharma said that the House had spent considerable time over the past 15 months on the Prime Minister’s confidence vote proposal.

He questioned why topics such as low capital expenditure, pending tasks in the peace process, federalism strengthening, improvements in education and healthcare services, the whereabouts of Nepali student Bipin Joshi missing since the Hamas attack in Israel, and the condition and rights of Nepali individuals involved in the Russia-Ukraine war weren’t prioritized for discussion in the House.

Sharma also raised concerns about the Prime Minister having to seek a vote of confidence three times within a year and a half.

The Congress leader also took time to claim that his party always delivered historically in the interests of the nation and people while staying both in the government with a two-third majority and in the opposition at different course of times.

Sharma defended the agenda set by the recent Mahasamiti meeting of the party, asserting that it was within the meeting’s sovereignty to determine the agenda.

He was addressing the alleged discontent from Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal regarding the NC Mahasamiti meeting’s contents, which reportedly contributed to Dahal’s decision to break the alliance with the NC and form a new government with CPN (UML) and other parties.

Sharma criticized the government decision to postpone the Peace Conference in Lumbini, stating that it sent a negative message to the international forum.

Asserting the need for political leadership to cultivate an atmosphere for listening to criticism and trust-building, Sharma condemned the Prime Minister’s decision to break the alliance with the NC as a breach of public trust, declaring that the NC would not grant him the vote of confidence. #Nepal

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