•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Humla students suffer due to daily power outage of 11 hours

Humla, March 16: Students preparing for the SEE examination are facing problems due to power outage that is taking place for more than 11 hours every day in Simkot, the district headquarters of Humla.

Students have complained that they are not able to study after dark. Along with students preparing for the Secondary Education Exams (SEE) regular students also have problem doing homework at home.

The SEE exams are starting from March 28.

Rail Bahadur Budha, a student of Humla Secondary School located in Kharpunath Rural Municipality-3, said, “I left my village to come here to prepare for the SEE but how can I pass by not reading at night.”

Regular administrative works of the district government offices and the business at the headquarters have also been affected. With no fixed schedule for the load shedding, ordinary people too are suffering due to lack of power supply.

Meanwhile, demand for firewood has increased in Simkot after the lengthy power cuts.

Acting Chief of Nepal Electricity Authority Humla, Sushil Tharu, admitted that the authority has not made a schedule for load shedding. It is due to the fact that the source of water for the micro-hydropower project in Hildu is decreasing and the electricity generation is sometimes less and sometimes more. #Nepal

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