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I will make efforts to bring Australian investment to Nepal: Honorary Consul Sharma

Kathmandu, June 26: Sanjeev Sharma has been appointed as the Honorary Consul for Melbourne, Australia.

The government recently appointed Sharma, who has been involved in various institutions and activities of Nepalis in Australia, to this position. Sharma is engaging in social work and business.

Sharma has pursued higher education in migration law, business accounting, and finance from various universities in Australia. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

He has been residing in Australia for approximately 27 years and has been actively working for the benefit of the Nepali community there since the beginning of his stay.

Known as a businessman and social worker, Sharma has promoted Nepali arts and culture in Australia through events like the Nepal Festival, addressing issues faced by the Nepali diaspora, and encouraging them to invest in Nepal.

For nearly 27 years, Sharma has played a significant role in improving relations between Nepal and Australia.

He has been actively promoting tourism, technology transfer, and investment in sectors such as hydropower and infrastructure development in Nepal while residing in Australia.

He has advocated for investment in Nepal’s tourism and hospitality sectors, exemplified by his company, Rara Holdings, signing an agreement to operate a four-star resort in the Rara Lake area of Mugu district during a recent investment summit.

His group is also proposing a similar resort in Butwal. In addition to his involvement in education and health, Sharma has initiated notable investments in tourism and hospitality in Nepal.

He has invested in institutions like Achievers College in Butwal, New Capital College in Chitwan, Meditech in Butwal, and Deukhuri Community Hospital in Dang.

Sharma’s philanthropic efforts extend through the establishment of The Expert Foundation, which has provided financial assistance in various regions of Nepal.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation offered financial and logistical support worth 230,000 Australian dollars to Nepali students in Australia.

The foundation also contributed during the 2015 Nepal earthquake by providing financial aid, food relief, and building a school in Sindhupalchok, one of the worst-affected districts.

It has also provided flood relief in districts like Bara, Birtamod, Itahari, Chitwan, Dang, and Nepalgunj. Through the Nepal Festival in Australia, Sharma has actively promoted Nepali arts and culture, helping to foster a sense of Nepali identity and tradition among the large Nepali diaspora.

This festival has played a crucial role in creating a sense of closeness and goodwill among Nepalis in Australia. Upon his appointment as Honorary Consul, Sharma expressed his commitment to further strengthening the relationship between the two countries and establishing it at the grassroots level.

He thanked the Government of Nepal for recognizing his capabilities and appointing him to this position.

Sharma stated, “I want to thank the government. I have always worked for the Nepali diaspora in Australia, and with their support, I will continue to work for them and my homeland, Nepal.

Now, as an official representative of the Government of Nepal in Australia, I will strive to enhance the relationship between the two countries.”

He emphasized the potential of Nepal, stating that despite being a country full of possibilities, Nepal has not been able to achieve the desired outcomes due to a lack of necessary investments.

Sharma committed to working on bringing Australian investment to Nepal in the future.

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