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Inflation increases in Mountain region of Nepal

Kathmandu, Dec 14: Consumer price inflation has gone up in the Mountainous region.

According to a report on current macroeconomic and financial situation of Nepal based on the data ending on mid-November, the consumer price inflation in Mountainous region stood at 8.79 per cent.

Similarly, y-o-y CPI in Kathmandu Valley is 6.0 per cent in Mid-November while it is 4.42 per cent in Tarai, 6.07 per cent in hill region and 8.79 per cent in Mountain region.

It was 7.56 per cent in Kathmandu Valley, 8.52 per cent in Tarai, 8.03 per cent in Hill region and 6.86 per cent in Mountain region in the corresponding period of the previous year.

Under the non-food and services category, the y-o-y consumer price index of recreation & culture sub-category increased 12.84 percent, miscellaneous goods & services 10.76 percent, education 8.92 percent, furnishing & household equipment 5.27 percent and clothes & footwear 4.96 percent.

In the review moth, the y-o-y consumer price index of transportation sub-category decreased 1.86 percent.

The y-o-y consumer price inflation moderated to 5.38 percent in mid-November 2023 compared to 8.08 percent a year ago. In the review month, food and beverage category inflation stood at 6.01 percent whereas non-food and service category inflation remained at 4.89 percent.

Under the Food and Beverage Category, y-o-y consumer price index of spices subcategory increased 36.46 percent, sugar & sugar products 14.59 percent, fruit 14.01 percent, cereal grains & their products 12.02 percent, and milk products & eggs 11.00 percent.

In the review month, the y-o-y consumer price index of ghee & oil and vegetable sub-category decreased 14.23 percent and 5.35 percent respectively.

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