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Internal translocation of rhinos taking place in Chitwan

Chitwan, March 15: Six rhinos are being internally relocated in the Chitwan National Park from today. The officials are working for the translocation of the rhinos with the increased number of the endangered animal in the western belt of the national park. Now, the rhinos will be relocated to the eastern belt of the national park.

Chief Conservation Officer of Chitwan National Park Dil Bahadur Purja Pun said the rhinos are being translocated from Friday and 60 workforce including elephants, technical human resources, officials, Nepal Army personnel and other officials have been mobilized to carry out the task.

Information Officer of Chitwan National Park Ganesh Prasad Tiwari said six rhinos are being relocated and the move comes as per the study report prepared by the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation.

It is said that the rhinos aged 8-20 will be relocated to the Dibyapuri post of the national park and it could take some two weeks to complete the task.

With the translocation of rhinos, the intercourse between the rhinos from the east and west belts of the national park could contribute in reproduction of rhinos as well.

Officials said that rhinos causing troubles to the people by entering into the human settlements would be relocated with high priority and the proportion of the male and female rhinos would be taken into consideration. #Nepal

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