•      Thu Jul 25 2024

International Training on Dignified Menstruation kicks off

Kathmandu, July 1: An international training on menstrual dignity has kicked off in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

The five-day training of trainers, a joint initiation of the Colombo Plan and the Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation, commenced today, said Communications advisor to the Coalition, Gobinda Khadka.

The training, aiming to explore ways for dismantling menstrual discrimination and promoting dignified menstruation, is led by Dr Radha Paudel, a prominent social activist from Nepal.

It has been attended by 26 participants from 14 countries. The participating countries include Nepal, India, the United States, South Korea, Sudan, France, the Philippines, and the Netherlands, among others.

Recently, the Colombo Plan has primarily focused on capacity building and technical support, and this is its first collaboration on menstrual dignity. Established in 1951, the Colombo Plan includes 28 member countries, including Nepal, and its secretariat is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, said Khadka.

As Paudel said, the event will delve deeper into the global issue of menstrual discrimination and work towards promoting menstrual dignity or dignified menstruation. “Dignified Menstruation is a topic that everyone in all sectors needs to work on,” said Dr. Paudel. #rss #nepal

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