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Jhapa’s Kichakbadh proved to be dated back to 2,200 years

Birtamod, March 24: The archaeological site of Kichakbadh in Prithvinagar, Bhadrapur municipality-3, has been found to be dated back to 2,200 years.

The Department of Archaeology, after seven rounds of assessment of objects extracted from the area, has confirmed its antiquity. This site holds significance as it is believed to be the location where the mythical character Kichak met his demise at the hands of Bhimsen, one of the five Pandav brothers, as said in the Hindu epic Mahabharat.

The Department has been carrying out excavation here since 2058 BS. Traditional utensils made of clay and metal, ornaments, bricks and others were underwent carbon test and it was found that Kichakbadh dated back to 120-200 BC, according to archeologist Uddhav Acharya.

Now the seventh-phase of archaeological exploration is underway which is expected to surprise us by more new findings, he said. The exploration that commenced on March 15 will conclude on March 31. A five-member team is engaged in the excavation efforts.

The area is spread to 10 bigha of land (one bigha is equivalent to 27,000 sq ft). #Nepal

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