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Karnali Chief Minister Sharma announces resignation

Karnali Province Chief Minister Raj Kumar Sharma (file photo)

Surkhet, April 3: Karnali Province’s Chief Minister Raj Kumar Sharma has announced resignation from the post.

Addressing the Province Assembly’s meeting today, CM Sharma shared that he quit the Chief Minister’s seat. His resignation comes in the wake of change in power equation in the federal government.

CM Sharma, who was appointed the CM representing CPN (Maoist Centre), declared his resignation as per the agreement between the ruling parties to give CPN (UML) the CM post in Karnali Province.

He stated that province government was bearing the brunt of parliamentary number game emanating from the political instability in the federal and provincial assembly. The outgoing CM lamented that the regular business of the province government was badly obstructed due to change in power equation.

“It became impossible to deliver due to the political instability in the federal and provincial government,” said CM Sharma, adding that the change in power equation also led to repeated bids of vote of confidence.

According to him, all parties should positively work towards prosperity of the Karnali Province. At a time when he claimed he delivered a lot during his tenure, he bemoaned he failed to deliver up to his own expectation.

Among the notable efforts made during his tenure, as he shared, was formulation of a strategy for Digital Karnali and groundwork for Karnali Investment Summit. Efforts were made to develop 23 local levels as a model governments, he shared, adding that the selection process of plan and projects were made objective and effective. #Nepal

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