•      Wed Jul 24 2024

Koshi Province govt decides to present communication bill

Chief Minister of Koshi Province Kedar Karki. (file)

Biratnagar, Dec 28: The Cabinet meeting of the Koshi province government has decided to present a bill relating to communications before province assembly. The Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday evening took a decision to this regard.

Similarly, the Council of Ministers approved the work procedure on operation of the Shailaja Acharya Heart Disease Treatment Centre, 2080, according to Minister for Internal Affairs and Law, Shamsher Rai.

The province government also decided to request the federal government to hand over the province office of CTEVT Nepal and its constituent institutes to the province.

Moreover, the Cabinet meeting decided to present the fifth report of the National Inclusion Commission and the annual report of province government, 2079/80.

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