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Lawmakers air mixed opinions on university bill 2079

Kathmandu, Feb 27: In today’s meeting of the Education, Health and Information Technology Committee under the House of Representatives, parliamentarians have aired different views on whether or not it is expedient to establish new universities or enhancing quality of the existing universities.

Taking part in the discussion on amendment to the bill formulated to make provisions regarding Nepal University-2079 BS, most of the parliamentarians raised questions whether or not new universities are necessary?.

They went on raising questions – whether or not feasibility study was carried out to establish new universities? and would educational quality enhance after establishing new universities?

Likewise, some lawmakers argued it was meaningless to ask question on the essence of the government-introduced bill as the report to this effect was already received from the NA.

The parliamentarians laid emphasis on the need of the universities which can produce human resources to generate employment in Nepal.

In the meeting attended by Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Ashok Kumar Rai, experts, representatives of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, experts argued creating incentives for opening new universities would also help make the existing universities competitive.

Lawmakers Raghuji Panta and Sumana Shrestha suggesting holding discussion on the bill only after clarifying the rationale behind opening new universities.

Likewise, Jeevan Pariyar and Devendra Poudel argued it was meaningless to discuss on the necessity of the bill when it was already presented in the parliament.

The government had proposed establishing the university to produce capable human resources to make the education scientific, technical, employment-intensive and people-oriented.

Chairperson of Infrastructure Development Committee of the University, Dr Arjun Karki, assured the university would help propel country’s prosperity through public studies and research in non-government sector.

Dean of Kathmandu University School of Education, Prof Dr Balchandra Luintel also expressed his view that new university is established on the basis of assessment of country’s development and necessity of human resources.

Committee Chairperson Bhanu Bhakta Joshi shared next meeting would discuss on the amendments registered by 36 lawmakers. #Nepal

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