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‘Lawmakers have not realized their obligations’

House of Representatives
House of Representatives at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Dec 18: Lawmaker Lekhnath Dahal (Rajan) said the House has not been conducted as anticipated despite adequate business on part of the government.

“The role of the Speaker was not active and effective as per the people’s aspirations”, he said. However, some crucial bills directly associated to the citizens such as the bill to dispense justice to loan-sharking survivors, citizenship bill and economic bill have come into enforcement in the last one year, he noted.

The House of Representatives (HoR) should have discharged the legislative responsibility in the past, but it remained elusive, lawmaker Dahal accused.

The laws and acts should have been formulated and enforced in consistent with the new Constitution. But, it has not yet been realized, he mentioned. “The parliament has not been developed as a space for dialogue”.

The crucial bills tabled at the parliament have not come for deliberations, Dahal said, adding that it was because of ineffective functioning of the parliament.

“The parliamentary functioning has not turned effective when the main opposition party obstructed the House”, he claimed, calling for collective efforts to sort out difficulties of the province.

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