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Lawmakers put their views on various issues

Meeting of House of Representatives

Kathmandu, June 18: Nepali Congress lawmaker Bishwa Prakash Sharma has demanded bringing the workers in the informal sector under the ambit of social security.

During the emergency hour of today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, he pointed out the need of formulating laws related to occupational safety for the protection of workers, mentioning that two persons died due to suffocation while cleaning a well in Surkhet on Monday.

He laid emphasis on the need of making special arrangement for workers of unorganized sector as per the provision of the social security fund, adding the social security fund based on contribution should incorporate workers of informal sector.

Similarly, Hridaya Ram Thani complained that the government in the budget for coming fiscal year did not make arrangement of appropriate budget in Karnali Province.

He drew the attention of the government in road construction and claimed that budget allocated in Dolpa, Jajarkot, Mugu and Humal is very nominal.

Drawing the attention of the House on the issue of service and facility of staffs of Federal Parliament Secretariat, Raghuji Panta, asked the government to take appropriate decision immediately on the issue.

He also explained that government has cut the facility of newspapers provided to MPs and drew the attention of the Finance Minister and Finance Ministry to provide services and allowance provided by rule.

Stating that problems have surfaced in east Nepal due to monsoon and it has caused loss of lives and properties, Harka Maya BK demanded the government to make arrangement of relief.

She stressed on the need of making arrangement for rescue and relief to victims of natural disaster and speeding preparedness activities.

Likewise, Gyan Bahadur Shahi expressed dissatisfaction over the allocation of minimal budget in Karnali Province while Abdul Khan drew government’s attention to resolve problems of crushers and mining industry entrepreneurs.

Sharing that there was inequality in budget allocation, Amaresh Kumar Singh, asked response of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ on this issue.

Likewise, lawmakers drew the government’s attention to the urgency of making some special arrangements for preventing citizens from potential disasters during the monsoon.

Airing their views in the ‘zero hour’ of the session, they demanded the government make special provisions for pre-warning, rescue, and relief efforts given the disaster risk during the monsoon.

Devendra Paudel apprised the House that those affected by the Bhujikhola area flood in Baglung still await compensation while Badri Prasad Pandey accused the government’s ‘weak’ preparation for resisting monsoon disaster on the backdrop of the forecast for rains more than average in this monsoon.

Binita Kathayat questioned the government about its ‘preparations’ for the safety of people and property in the Karnali Province when the monsoon had already entered the country.

Dhawal Shumsher Rana urged the government to take a diplomatic measure to manage the Laxmanpur barrage in a way that it may not impact people towards the Nepal territory during monsoon

Dig Bahadur Limbu, Tara Lama Tamang, Toshima Karki, Deepak Bahadur Singh, Deepa Sharma and Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan were among those speaking in the zero hour. Tamang drew the Ministry of Home Affairs’ attention, saying that its decision to submit National Id Card to claim the social security allowance is a great inconvenience to aged citizens.

Dilendra Prasad Badu thanked the government for its initiative to open the Darchula-Tinker transit point, demanding an establishment of an immigration office to facilitate those people heading to the Mansorobar.

Extending gratitude to the government for opening Darchula-Tinker border point, Dilendra Prasad Badu demanded the establishment of immigration office to facilitate those visiting Manasarovar.

Similarly, Dhurba Bahadur Pradhan lauded the best performance of Nepali cricket players in international level.

Stating that the peace and security condition in Tarai-Madhes is very weak, Nagina Yadav drew attention of the Home Ministry towards it and about the monsoon preparedness activities.

Narayan Prasad Acharya mentioned that the government failed to pay attention in budget allocation though drinking water project in Palpa has been left in limbo while Narayani Sharma demanded the government to make appropriate arrangement of chemical fertilizer.

Likewise, Nirmala Koirala explained that senior citizens have been facing problems due to mandatory provision of national identity number to get social security allowance, demanding to ease it.

Pradeep Paudel questioned why the Prime Minister did not brief his India visit to the House while Prem Suwal asked the government to control the sale and distribution of inedible mangoes.

Similarly, Bimala Subedi, Teju Lal Chaudhary,  Dikpal Kumar Shahi, Durga Rai, Pratima Gautam, Basudev Ghimire, Prabhu Hajara, among others drew government’s attention on contemporary political issues.

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