•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Lumbini Chamber of Commerce signs MoU with international chambers

Lumbini, Jan 4: Lumbini Province Chamber of Commerce has made agreement for partnership and collaboration with different international chamber chapters.

President of Lumbini Chamber of Commerce, Tanka Prasad Pokharel, shared that a memorandum of understanding has been signed for partnership among Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong; Hindu Chamber of Commerce, Canada and Federation of Canada-Nepal Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives of Hindu Chamber of Commerce, Canada, and Federation of Canada-Nepal Chamber of Commerce, who arrived in Lumbini on Wednesday in course of Nepal visit, and representative of Lumbini Chamber of Commerce signed the MoU.

President Pokharel on the behalf of Lumbini Chamber, President Bijay Poudel on the behalf of Federation of Canada Nepal Chamber of Commerce and President Naresh Chawada on the behalf of Hindu Chamber of Commerce, Canada, signed the MoU. Earlier in last December, President Pokharel had signed agreement with representatives of Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong.

An understanding was reached with the three chambers to collaborate with each other, making efforts for Lumbini Chamber’s participation in international forum, regularly organising training, discussion, seminar and interaction, exchanging experiences and exchange of business visits.

Similarly, an agreement was reached to support for the promotion of commercial opportunities in Lumbini Province. #Nepal

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