•      Wed Jul 24 2024

Madhes province assembly enacts girl child protection bill

Janakpurdham, June 22: The Madhes Province Assembly has enacted the Girl Child Protection Bill, 2081.

In today’s meeting of the Assembly, Minister for Sports and Social Welfare Pramod Kumar Jaiswal tabled the proposal seeking enactment of the bill with the report of the Committee on Women, Children and Social Justice.

Minister Jaiswal claimed the Madhes Province was the first one to introduce a law on girl child protection.

He said the first-ever girl child protection bill has been enacted in the land of Goddess Janaki. He informed that an additional budget amounting to Rs. 120 million has been earmarked to restart the daughter insurance programme in the province.

Minister Yadav said, “It is necessary to empower girls through positive discrimination”.

A total of 17 members of the province assembly expressed their views on the bill. Responding to the queries of law makers, Minister Jaiswal pointed out the need for police adjustments to effectively implement the Girl Child Protection Act. #madhes #rss

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