•      Wed Jul 24 2024

Mangsebung Municipality promoting turmeric production

Ilam, March 17: Mangsebung rural municipality-1 ward office of Ilam has started promoting commercial production and marketing of turmeric in the ward.

For this, it has reached a 13-point agreement with the local Agro Ilam Pvt. Limited and Mahila Gujurmukhi Multi-Purpose Cooperatives. The three-year agreement in aimed at promoting the production and marketing of turmeric, said Ward President Bhupal Yonghang.

In the first phase, the ward office in coordination with Agro Ilam has distributed turmeric seeds to the farmers after giving them training on agricultural entrepreneurship. A total of 15 quintals of turmeric seeds have been provided as subsidy to 28 farmers in the ward.

The turmeric that is produced will be purchased by Agro Ilam through the cooperatives. As per the agreement, turmeric will be exported after ‘branding’ it.

Acting head of Agricultural Knowledge Center, Ilam, Ramjugal Yadav, said that 1,970 metric tons of turmeric was produced in Ilam this year. It is currently being planted in 123 hectare of land. #Nepal

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