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Manthali municipality provides training on making panchebaja

Ramechhap, June 18: Twenty people from Pariyar community have been provided training to make panchebaja, the assortment of five traditional musical instruments.

Considering the impact of modernity on culture and lifestyle that caused a gradual decline in use of traditional musical instruments, the municipality provided training to 20 youths on preparation of musical instruments like damaha, dholak, tyamko, madal and sanahai. These instruments are indispensable in Nepali folk music.

Deputy Mayor of Manthali municipality, Ishwori Basnet, informed that 20 youths were provided the 20-day training so that they could create instruments using locally available products. It further helps create jobs and foster entrepreneurship, she hoped.

The Pariyar community however was complaining that these instruments were facing extinction because of unavailability of raw materials.

The soft log and hides of goat, ox and buffalo are some of the raw materials for creating these instruments.

Instructor Jabbar Bahadur Badi viewed unavailability of raw materials and disinterest of new generation were causing crisis in this profession. “On the one hand, those who involve in making such items are regarded inferiors, which prompted the youths to stay away from this craft. On the other, modern musical instruments found rife in market and increasing practice are factors to discourage traditional musical instruments,” he added. #nepal #music

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