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Minister Bhandari pledges to build investment-friendly atmosphere

Damodar Bhandari

Nepalgunj, March 15: Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Damodar Bhandari, has said the incumbent government has no excuse to be failure.

In his address to the 14th anniversary celebration of the Dolphin Group Factory in Kohalpur today, the Minister in the new coalition government claimed the incumbent government of progressive forces will be capable to clear off frustrations in the industrial sector.

As he said, the government was formed due to cooperation among the progressive forces and it will translate the existing economic challenges into opportunities.

“We are in a trial by fire and if we failed to translate people’s frustrations into hopes, we are supposed to quit the government,” the Minister said.

The Minister further pledged to increase efficiency and quality of a public service delivery and build an investment-friendly atmosphere.

According to him, containment of cross-border crimes is the priority of the government and the government is making efforts to maintain a market balance by minimizing the price rise and the bank interest rates.

Nepalgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Tanka Dhami, said industries are affected by the open border system.

Meanwhile, speaking at another programme organised in Nepalgunj, the Minister promised to promote the consumers’ rights and interests through legal interventions.

As he said, the government will focus on controlling illicit price rise and promoting a fair market system. He also promised to make efforts for establishing the Consumers’ Court.
The participants of the programme demanded the government’s effective measures against cross-border smuggling of goods. #Nepal

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