•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Minister Joshi pledges career development of civil service employees

Bhanubhakta Joshi

Kathmandu, July 4: Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration, Bhanubhakta Joshi, has said a process has been initiated for capacity enhancement and career development opportunities of civil service employees.

He also admitted that a delay in finalizing the Federal Civil Service Act has hampered the career development of civil employees.

In his replies to concerns from lawmakers over expenditures proposed for the Ministry under the Appropriation Bill-2081 BS, the Minister said the promotion, transfer, and execution of other affairs within the civil service have been hampered in the absence of the Federal Act as demanded by the Constitution.

“Most of the employees intend to adjust within the center,” he said, adding that the Act will find a solution to this challenge as well.

He said he is doing his best to bring the Act as soon as possible.

He pledged to ensure a two-year stay for the employees at the office, focusing on their career development. #nepal

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