•      Thu Jul 25 2024

Minister Sharma calls for quality transformation of telcos

Kathmandu, Feb 20: Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma directed the telecommunications and IT sectors that they ensured quality transformation in their services.

Administering the oath of office and secretary to newly appointed Chairperson of Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), Bhupendra Bhandari, at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on Tuesday, Minister Sharma directed Bhandari to deliver keeping national interest at centre.

She emphasized quality, affordability and accessibility of all to the telecommunication, a sensitive sector. Activities could be conducted in a planned manner, she suggested. Stating that digital transformation was inevitable for economic prosperity of the country, Minister Sharma observed that it was basic digital infrastructures, and the newly appointed one needs to act accordingly.

The Minister expected that the NTA would work transparently and accountably so that it would witness minimum number of complaints on irregularities in procurement and installation process of the equipments and systems in IT sector.

Newly appointed NTA Chairperson Bhandari, on the occasion, pledged to deliver keeping national interest at centre. He expressed his commitment to contribute to telecommunications and IT in consideration of the changing dimensions of the telecommunication sector and based on his two-decade-long career experience in IT. The Cabinet meeting on February 18 had decided to appoint Bhandari to the post. #Nepal

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