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Minister Sharma directs agencies to work collaboratively during disaster

Minister Rekha Sharma

Kathmandu, June 19: Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma has directed the bodies concerned to work collaboratively in reducing the loss of lives and property resulting from monsoon-induced disasters as flood and landslide, inundation and lightning.

Taking briefing on the necessary disaster preparedness activities being done by the subordinate bodies for providing timely public awareness to be safe from monsoon-induced disaster incidents and the subsequent loss of life and property, she suggested these agencies to make the works like providing early warning and establishing prompt contact effective during times of disaster.

“The cooperation and coordination of all is required in the rescue and relief works by providing early warning of monsoon and right and timely information on disaster incidents. Give special attention to the preparedness aspect for rescue and relief,” she said, pointed out the need of making an effective management regarding preparation towards the regular communication contact as communication contact might be disrupted during the monsoon.

She also suggested the subordinate bodies of the Ministry to put in place a mechanism capable of promptly restoring the internet service by assessing the damage that disaster-related incidents can cause to the internet service delivery and the telecom services.

Befire this, Ministry Secretary Baburam Bhandari said that the programme was organised to acquire information on the preparations and the strategy for the coming days that the Ministry and the subordinate bodies have adopted regarding preparedness in connection with the possible monsoon-related disasters.

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