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Minister Sharma stresses digital transformation for economic prosperity

Kathmandu, Dec 22: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has insisted on the need of digital transformation for achieving economic prosperity.

According to the government Spokesperson, the government is focused on formulating polices, legal frameworks and structural adjustments to build a ‘digital ecosystem’.

In her address to the eighth ICT Award ceremony organised by the ‘Living with ICT’, a media company on Friday, the Minister reminded that the government has recognized communications and information technology as a fundamental concern of the citizens, and accorded national priority accordingly.

“The government is clear about the significance of IT which is a tool not only for simplifying the people’s daily life but also for fostering economic development,” the Minister said, arguing recent experiences suggested our potential to compete globally by supplying IT-based services.

She further announced that government realized the need of a ‘departure’ in this sector.

As the Minister shared, the government initiates to establish the Cyber Security Centre, she said, adding that significant changes in IT is must for its further systematization.

She however admitted that the Digital Nepal Framework 2076 BS failed to take expected pace and the government realised the need to review it and go ahead accordingly.

“The Ministry has launched initiations to strengthen digital infrastructure sector. Preparations are underway to implement the ICT Exhibition and Digital Championship programmes to promote the Startup in IT and innovations. Likewise, ‘Digital Skill’ programme is in the offing for all seven provinces targeting youths for employment opportunities within the country,” the government spokesperson informed.

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