•      Thu Nov 30 2023

Month-long fair begins in Chovar hill in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Oct 28: A month-long fair has kicked off at Aadinath temple in Chovar hill of Kathmandu.

Every year, the fair starts on the day of Ashwin Shukla (Kojagrat) Purnima and runs until Kartik Shukla Purnima. Devotees from the Kathmandu Valley and surroundings take part in the fair.

There is a belief that visiting the temple during the fair brings family happiness and prosperity and makes one get rid of fear, diseases and troubles. Established by Lichchhabi King Amshuberma, the temple has historical and archaeological significance.

In the temple, there is an idol that reflects the combined shape of god Shiva and goddess Parbati which is called Ardhanareshwor (Aadinath). Both Hindu and Buddhist followers hold faith for the temple.

Hindu followers worship Aadinath as Shiva Shakti and Buddhist followers worship Aadinath as Aanandadi Lokeshwor.

Buddhist people respect and worship the deity as a symbol of compassion, and Hindu people as Aadinath. Buddhist people hold the belief that meditating on Lokeshwor will bring longevity and wealth, and saves one from dying prematurely.

Local people of Kirtipur say that the devotees of both Hindu and Buddhist followers have an inseparable relationship with the temple which is considered a common culture of Hindu and Buddhist people.

Flags, various utensils and ornaments are offered after conducting a Sapta Satwo puja in the temple.

Every day during the fair, people visit the temple with various offering items, and perform a puja while playing musical instruments, singing bhajan kirtan (hymns) and performing religious dances, said a local resident Kanhaiya Kunwar.