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MPs concern senior citizens facing problems due to National ID number

Kathmandu, June 13: Lawmakers have drawn attention of the government on the issue of national identity card, citing it has caused problem to senior citizens and disabled persons.

The Department of National ID and Civil Registration has made national ID number mandatory for receiving social security allowance.

During the zero hour of today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, Bidya Bhattarai urged   to resolve the problems immediately as the senior citizens and disabled persons have been facing difficulties due to the decision implemented without any preparedness.

She also requested to run mobile camp in local-level determining the certain period.

Similarly, Mina Lama complained of reducing the limit of treatment facility of Rs 100,000 under the ‘Poor Citizens Medical Treatment Programme’ in recent period though there was the arrangement of providing Rs 100,000 while undergoing treatment of all diseases under the programme.

She mentioned that arrangement of necessary budget should be made coordinating with the Finance Ministry.

Likewise, Binita Kumari Singh drew attention of the government that Nepali migrant workers have not got different facilities including insurance in gulf countries and Malaysia.

Bishwa Prakash Sharma shared that local levels should be made effective and capable as Nepal has been adversely affected due to climate change and disaster related incidents including flood, landslide and fire have increased.

Bina Jaiswal stressed that the country should make arrangements of laws regarding intellectual property as per the time while Shanti BK drew government’s attention on the issue of misplacing the complaint registered at police administration regarding JB Rai.

Similarly, Shiva Nepali said budget for coming fiscal year was not allocated proportionally and budget allocated for Kaski was very nominal.

Shishir Khanal demanded discussion on the proposal urgent public importance, sharing the ministry did not respond to his demand though he had drawn government’s attention through parliament time and again for the completion of second-phase ring-road expansion task.

Shova Gyawali objected to unannounced load-shedding of Nepal Electricity Authority in Tarai Madhes districts.

Noting that the agriculture sector has much importance in the prosperity of Nepal, lawmaker Santosh Pariyar called for making arrangements for the smooth supply of chemical fertilizer for import substitution in the agriculture sector.

Saraswoti Bajimaya said that several under-construction projects have been badly affected as the federal government has failed to make arrangements for the smooth construction works in the hilly districts. She complained at removal of carry-over projects.

Saraswoti Subba said although the programme to declare ‘ Agriculture Decade’ in the country is positive, she expressed doubts whether the programme will meet the target due to the lack of skilled human resources and paucity of budget at the local level to implement the programme.

Saraj Mohammad Farooqi said the students in various districts of the Tarai Madhes are facing problem due to the rising heat and complained that the government has not paid attention to addressing this problem.

Sarita Prasain complained that the locals whose land has been frozen for construction of a railway from Jhapa to Sunsari and Morang have been facing difficulty in selling and buying land. She stressed on the need of promptly paying the dairy farmers their due amount.

Sunita Baral complained that the citizens are compelled to stay in queue for hours waiting for their turn at government hospitals and urged the government to ease the situation by managing additional ticket counters.

Susila Sirpali Thakuri said although health and education have been mentioned as the fundamental rights in the constitution, the people have not got accessible health and education as well as the medicines that are provided under the health insurance scheme.

Sobhita Gautam said that the Khumbu area was turning into a ‘dumping site’ due to the trash thrown by the thousands of mountaineers and trekkers that visit the area annually and the water sources there has also become polluted due to the bodies of mountaineers who died in course of climbing mountains. She drew the government’s attention to resolving the problem.

Sanjaya Gautam said the people living in settlements near the national parks have been facing unnecessary hassles in the name of laws and called attention of the government towards addressing this issue.

Hari Dhakal expressed his objections, saying the government did not distribute the Vidya Bhusan medals to the outstanding graduates of the university which amounted to underestimating the academic fraternity.

Hitraj Pandey called on the government to immediately take ahead the construction process as the construction of several sections of the Mid-hill highway is in limbo.

Gyanendra Shahi demanded that the government find out the animal disease which killed a large number of sheep at Hima of Jumla district and also make arrangements for treatment of this unidentified disease.

MPs Surendra Raj Acharya, Hemraj Rai, Hridyaram Thani, Gyanu Basnet, Sushila Shrestha, Surya Kumari Shrestha, Surya Prasad Dhakal, Sarita Bhusal, Shanti Chaudhary and Sita Mijar called attention of the government to various problems in their districts and constituencies. #nepal #rss #House #NID

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