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Multi-cultural democratic society strengthens national unity: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, Dec 16: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has stressed that national unity could be strengthened only by the multi-cultural democratic society.

There was no alternative but to move forward with this determination, he mentioned.

Addressing a concluding ceremony of Naba Durga Bhawani Devi procession celebrated every twelve year here today, Prime Minister Dahal said, “Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural country.

Our cultural heritages are recognised as special means of enhancing national unity. Protection and promotion of culture is a shared responsibility, he viewed, reminding that Nepal’s constitution has provided right to each Nepali community to protect their language, script, cultural civilization and heritages by maintaining religious freedom.

According to the PM, the material heritages created and handed over by the ancestors and the corresponding way of life were the national culture of Nepal.

The Head of the Government asserted, “Some forces in the country are daring to spread an illusion against the constitution and democratic republic system of governance that institutionalized the cultural diversity, communal identities and their rights.

Hence it is imperative to forge resistance at the people’s level to struggle against those forces that are trying to reverse the current governance system.”

He also called for efforts at people’s level to protect cultures, identity and honour and the endeavor to build socialism-oriented society.

On a different note, he extended best wishes for the success of the Bahrabarse Nawa Durga Jatra to be held in Godawari, the place having tremendous potential from religious, cultural, natural and tourism perspectives.

Various dances related to Nava Durga (the nine forms of Goddess Durga) were performed on the occasion.

Present in the event were CPN (Maoist Centre) leaders Rajkaji Maharjan and Bina Magar among others.

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