•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Muslim holy month of Ramadan from tomorrow


Biratnagar, March 11: The holy month of Ramadan, one of the great festivals of the Muslim community, begins tomorrow. Those observing this month-long festival fast throughout the day.

Observing of the fast or roja starts after the sunrise, i.e. after the morning prayers and ends with the evening prayer. The time of the fasting changes with the daily sunrise and sunset schedule.

According to the Urdu calendar, Ramadan falls in the ninth month of Hijri Sambat or year. It is believed that the Quran, the greatest religious text of the Muslims, came to being during Ramadan.

Giving charity, serving the poor and needy, zakat or obligatory donation are the features of this month. It is customary for Muslims to observe the moon this evening to observe the Ramadan fast.

Fasting during the festival that combines dedication, penance and sacrifice is not mandatory for the minors, sick people and pregnant women. #Nepal

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