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NA session: Lawmakers call for easing process of providing citizenship in mother’s name

Kathmandu, June 27: Lawmakers speaking in the ‘Zero Hour’ of the National Assembly meeting today demanded that the government ease the process for providing citizenship certificate in the name of mother.

Complaining that it was still not easy to get the citizenship in the name of mother, the upper house lawmakers stressed on establishing women’s rights in parental property and the family lineage.
Lawmaker Ganga Kumari Belbase called for easing the process of providing citizenship in the name of the mother.

Taraman Sunar complained that the senior citizens were facing problems accessing government services like the social security allowance due to the cumbersome provision requiring the National Identity Card for the same.

Tulasa Kumari Dahal called attention of the government towards the senior citizens sheltering at the Janaki Old-age Home to avail of health services as the government has not provided such support to this old-age home.

Bhagawati Neupane said that although traffic lights are installed in Kathmandu, they are not functioning well. She drew the attention of the government towards the urgent need of fixing this problem.

Maya Prasad Sharma called for timely rescue of the people injured in incidents of landslide and flooding. He demanded that the government take the necessary steps for minimizing the growing human-wildlife conflict.

Sharada Devi Bhatta and Sumitra BC called for building a robust disaster preparedness and response system, drawing the government’s attention to the loss of life and property with the start of the monsoon. RSS #Nepal

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