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National Assembly Chair Dahal assures of boosting upper house prestige

National Assembly Chair Narayan Prasad Dahal, 2024 (file photo)

Kathmandu, March 12: Newly elected chairperson of the National Assembly (NA), Narayan Prasad Dahal, said he would take initiative to boost the prestige and importance of the upper chamber of the Federal Parliament.

Talking to media persons while exiting from the meeting after his election to the post, Chair Dahal shared that he would play active role to establish the thinking that NA is the essential institution.

“I am committed to unite NA members of all parties to fulfill the entire roles and responsibilities of NA. I have also self-confidence that I will be successful in it,” he underlined.

Stating that he would move ahead taking every activity that falls within NA’s jurisdiction seriously, the NA Chair Dahal stressed that he would involve in formulating laws as well as boosting the prestige of the NA in other context.

Dahal is scheduled to take oath of office and secrecy before President Ramchandra Paudel today itself.

Who is Chairman Dahal?

The 68-year-old Dahal, widely known as ‘Saral’ within the Maoist circle, was born on Chaitra 16, 2012 BS (March 29, 1956), in Dhikurpokhari, Kaski, as the eldest child of mother Deurupa Dahal and father Kul Prasad Dahal. He has a rich political background and is credited for his role in the success of the Maoist People’s War.

Growing up, Dahal developed a strong affinity for Communist ideology, actively engaging in politics since his student years. His dedication to the Maoist movement was evident in his active participation, both politically and ideologically, during the People’s War. Despite facing numerous obstacles, he played a significant role in strengthening the Maoist movement institutionally and garnering economic resources for it even during his days in overseas.

In his political journey, Dahal served as the joint-secretary of Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekata Samaj and eventually rose to the position of its Chairperson. He became the central secretary for the organization in 2038 BS and had an incredible role in the publication of the Nepali Ekata Prakashan, the organization’s mouthpiece, promoting political awareness and unity among Nepalis in India.

Transitioning into a full-time Communist party member in 2037 BS, Dahal assumed the role of a central member of the Maoist party in 2057 BS. Following the party’s directives, he travelled Nepal and India in course of fulfilling the party responsibilities, spending 18 years in various capacities within the All India Ekata Samaj and the party.

During the peak of the people’s war, Dahal returned to Nepal in 2060 BS, carrying out responsibilities assigned by the party in the Bheri-Karnali region. He also served as the party’s district in charge in Kaski and later took on responsibilities in the Kathmandu Valley and adjoining districts.

Dahal is recognized as a leader deeply connected with the people, who underlined the need of the implementation of a rule of law within the party.

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