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National Assembly endorses bill relating to legislation

Session of National Assembly (file)

Kathmandu, Feb 23: The upper house has endorsed the bill relating to legislation. A meeting of the National Assembly (NA) today endorsed the proposal tabled by Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dhanraj Gurung, seeking the passage of the bill. The document was passed unanimously.

Prior to the endorsement, Maya Prasad Sharma, Tulasa Kumari Dahal, Madan Kumari Shah ‘Garima’, Prakash Panth, Suresh Kumar Alemagar and Devendra Dahal took part in the deliberations on the bill.

Similarly, in the meeting, Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat presented the ‘ Secured Transaction Act (first amendment) Bill, 2080 BS’.

Earlier, airing their views in the special hour of the meeting, lawmakers said it was unfortunate that victims of usury had to gather in the federal capital in the pursuit of justice.

They demanded the effective implementation of laws against usury to ensure complete justice to the victims. The NA shall meet again at 11:01 am on February 26. #Nepal

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