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NC leader Shekhar Koirala points for decency in political leaders

Nepali Congress leader Dr Shekhar Koirala (file photo)

Kathmandu, Jan 2: Senior leader of the Nepali Congress, Dr Sekhar Koirala, has said anyone involved in politics needs morality and culture.

Addressing a Bagmati Province level gathering of Nepal Democratic Fighters’ Association on the occasion of National Reconciliation Day on Monday, leader Koirala reminded that BP Koirala had given mantra of three words- nationality, democracy and socialism- to reinforce Nepali Congress.

“Why is NC getting weaker and weaker? You should furnish suggestions to the party. Healthy criticism is essential on the NC’s activities,” he viewed.

In the programme, Joint General Secretary of the party, Dina Upadhyay, suggested the party that it kept record of the old senior leaders. She also viewed the senior leaders in the party could be honoured based their contributions.

Central chairman of the Association, Balkrishna Dahal, demanded that Nepal government gave identity cards to the democratic fighters. The democratic fighters had contributed significantly to Nepali politics, he stressed.

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