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NCC urges Minister Bhandari to establish export house in all provinces

Damodar Bhandari

Kathmandu, March 22: The Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) has urged Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supply, Damodar Bhandari to establish export houses in all seven provinces to promote local products.

A team headed by NCC President Rajendra Malla today met with Minister Bhandari and urged to open export houses in all seven provinces to promote export of the local products through one-door system.

The NCC also asked Minister Bhandari to make policy-level arrangement to utilize remittance in productive sector.

The NCC also demanded enabling investment climate for economic expansion in the context that around 90 per cent of remittance is being used in non-productive sector.

The Chamber urged the Minister to play role to pass the economic bill immediately taking into consideration the pivotal role of private sector. The economic bill is under consideration in the parliament.

On the occasion, President Malla said, “It is necessary to resolve the problems immediately as some of the acts and regulations are creating obstacles for foreign investment when the government is making preparation for international investment summit next month”. #Nepal

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