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Nepal an advocate for peace and equality: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, Feb 20: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that Nepal’s participation in UN peace operations has always remained an important component of its foreign policy, aimed at achieving and strengthening global peace and stability which has been well praised by the global society.

“I feel extremely proud as I assert the fact that Nepal presently contributes the highest number of troops and police personnel in the United Nations Peacekeeping missions and has further pledged to deploy up to ten thousand well-trained and equipped personnel for UN Peace operations on request of the United Nations”, he said.

In his statement at the opening ceremony of exercise “Shanti Prayas IV” at a function held at Army Officer’s Club in Bhadrakali this morning, he said Nepal contributes the highest number of women troops among all the UN member countries in its Peacekeeping missions. The government of Nepal will continue to give highest priority to the United Nations Peace Operations and continue to support the United Nations in its every endeavors, he assured.

Stating Nepal has and will always vehemently advocate for peace and equality in international forums, he said Nepal’s commitments are rooted in its desire for peace and harmony in the world and are expressed through her participation in international treaties and agreements that promote disarmament and peaceful resolution of conflicts. “This is further manifested through our participation in the UN peace operations, where our peacekeepers have distinctly demonstrated bravery, compassion, and selflessness in their noble mission to protect and restore hope in regions torn apart by conflict.”

In the contemporary global landscape, peacekeepers face heightened and multiple threats due to the complex and multi-layered nature of conflicts, driven by various factors from ethnic tensions to terrorism among others, he said and noted that adapting to this changing scenario is a must as peacekeeping operations have evolved into complex politico-military-humanitarian efforts demanding a greater understanding and preparation on the part of peacekeepers. “It has thus become crucial to reassess how we deliver peace amid new complex challenges to maintain trust and legitimacy of the UN Peacekeeping.”

The Prime Minister noted that the significance of peacekeeping cannot be overstated, as it requires a deep sense of humanity, a profound commitment, and a readiness to intervene to protect the vulnerable. Peacekeepers have been embodying these principles, and their efforts have made a profound impact, often in the face of great peril.
He said that the multinational exercise emphasizes and reminds us of the necessity to continually train, refine strategies, and build strong partnerships among nations for the successful conduct of peacekeeping operations.

Extending a warm welcome to all esteemed delegates and friends from friendly foreign countries gathered in Kathmandu, the Prime Minister also extended honor and paid tributes to the brave peacekeepers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of peace worldwide.

He also took the opportunity to admire the steadfast commitment and dedication of all peacekeepers, who despite facing formidable challenges, continue to serve with valor and compassion. “Their contributions and sacrifices have not only brought honor to their nations but have also played a crucial role in the pursuit of global peace and stability.”

Prime Minister Dahal expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Defence, the Nepali Army for hosting the event, while also appreciating the support of the US Indo-Pacific Command – Global Peace Operations Initiative for co-sponsoring this significant event.

The onus of preparing credible peacekeepers lies on the contributing countries, thus apart from regular peacekeeping trainings; Nepal has been participating in and hosting similar kinds of multinational peacekeeping exercises in the past, the Prime Minister noted. #Nepal

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