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Nepal deserves climate justice, as it has zilch role on climate crisis: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, Feb 16: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ asserted that Nepal deserves climate justice, as its role on climate crisis is zilch compared to other countries.

“Nepal contributes almost nothing to global carbon emission, but is bearing the brunt of direct, disproportionate and hazardous effects of climate change,” he reminded.

Addressing a conference on the climate change and role of parliamentarians in sustainable development here Friday, PM Dahal said that climate change is a huge challenge for maintaining socio-economic and environmental balance. According to him, climate crisis is emerging as the global threat, adversely impacting the prospects of development while the least developed countries are the most vulnerable.

“Our citizens have been badly affected by climate change induced disasters, such as landslide, flood, fires, avalanches and droughts,” the PM said, adding, “The citizens of countries at risk of such disasters are in dire need of economic and technical assistance and the international community should pay heed to it.”

Dahal viewed that a huge financial and technical lapses were seen in climate change reduction efforts and thus called for gathering more resources to effectively implement climate actions. He underlined implementation of plans which are compatible at local level for climate adaptation.

The Head of the Government held the view that there was a need for the parliamentarians and policy makers all over the world to hold talks to enhance advocacy on climate justice and to secure a sustainable future for eco-system, human and earth.

Emphasizing enforcement of operationalization of Loss and Damage Fund, the PM urged, “I would like to stress on implementing the Green Climate Fund to fulfill the USD 100 billion climate finance commitment, to give impetus to climate actions and to simplify the access procedures for the LDCs to the Green Climate Fund.”

During his address, he also reaffirmed Nepal’s commitment to securing clean energy and to maintain the 45 per cent forest coverage in Nepal. “Nepal is fully committed to the Paris Agreement. We are committed to achieving zero green house gas emission by 2045.” #Nepal

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