•      Tue Jul 23 2024

Nepal receives 1.668 million doses of vaccine against coronavirus

Kathmandu, July 8: The Ministry of Health and Population has said 1.668 million of doses of Pfizer Monovalent vaccine against coronavirus have been brought to the country.

Pharmacy Officer of Supply Management Section of Department of Health Services, Nisha Parajuli, mentioned that 1.61 million of doses of vaccine for the children above 12 years and 67,200 doses for the children between six to 12 years were brought.

The vaccine was received from Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization in grant. The government brought the vaccine after new variant of coronavirus ‘KP.1’, ‘KP.2’, ‘KP.3’ and ‘KP.4’ was detected in the country in May.

The vaccine would be administered to those going abroad, people with low immunity power, senior citizens, pregnant women and health workers.

Vaccine against coronavirus is still being administered at government hospitals.

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